Software Solutions for A.I. Driven Transmission Asset Inspection 



Insulator Inspector

Glass and Ceramic insulators suffer several unique failure modes.  Our insulator inspection A.I. detects: Flashover, Broken bells, Missing bells, Rusted bell heads.  Automatically

Wooden H-Frame 

Wooden H-Frames suffer from many maintenance and failure modes.  Missing pole caps, broken V-brace, broken cross arm. Automatically classified

GIS Services

Your results, analyzed, organized, and shared within your organization through the ESRI portal.


Aerial insights, founded in 2015, has developed and implemented advanced utility inspection artificial intelligence.  To attain useful and actionable intelligence on the current status and health of your utility assets, we partnered up with a world leader in utility excellence, Ameren UE. Through extensive projects together we have developed algorithms that detect, classify, and organize your inspection data and distributes it within your ESRI organization. Our software helps secure your assets future while delivering on safety, securely.

~Harrison Knoll

Founder | President




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